Gain preferred access to Korea, Maryland and U.S. business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and government officials.

The MKDC promotes trade and investment between Maryland and Korea to help create jobs in both economies. Through its membership, programming and services, it provides an “instant infrastructure” of business contacts in the U.S. market for Korean entrepreneurs. By becoming a member or sponsor of the MKDC, you can learn about new business opportunities and technologies for your own company.

Strategically located near to the nation’s federal government and leading research institutions, Maryland is a premier gateway for Korean companies in the U.S. market. With the country's most educated workforce, world-class research centers, the nation’s top public schools and the highest median income in the U.S., Maryland is an ideal location for Korean companies.

Korea is a global leader in high tech, life sciences, cyber and homeland security. Maryland and Korea are complementary partners, offering parallel strengths in life sciences, information technology, homeland security and other advanced industries.



Whos is MKDC ?

MKDC is a non-profit organization that provides the best value to our customers across the company’s entire outstanding consulting skills and business sectors to invest and operate in strategic planning through a global network. MKDC provides specialized consulting services applied with advanced methodology and analysis of the latest business success stories with various partners.


Our Clients

  •  Companies that wish to advance to the U.S market based on growth potential
  • Companies seeking to expand into the U.S through the international marketing based on the technological competitiveness
  • Enterprises that require export buyers in U.S or Korea